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“If the group succeeds, the individual succeeds.” Most likely this isn’t some famous quote you have heard before, but honestly just a personal molded philosophy.

I learned a while ago that personal accomplishments are great, but uplifting others, finds ways to support your family and friends and just all around awesome people that we encounter is where it’s at.

These are not shameless (or paid advertisements or agreements) plugs or shout outs; this section of my site will highlight awesome and talented people in my life directly or indirectly that I think you, my growing and new network should know about!

And if you would like to connect because you are awesome too, please contact my team and me here!

Fresh Take on Greeting Cards!

I was ecstatic when I first heard several of my girlfriends from my time in NYC decided to call on their talents to start a greeting card line called, Neighborly.

If you’re anything like me, I LOVE greeting cards. I think they are so personal and token that you can keep forever capturing feelings and emotions of a specific moment!

For too long I have had to stalk the Mahogany section of Hallmark or quickly snag a witty card from Urban Outfitters, but now I can not only proudly support two talent young African American women, but I can fawn over my love of greeting cards! (And extremely witty greeting cards if anyone ever has the pleasure of meeting Robin Beck, the writer of Neighborly).

I hope you will join me in supporting Neighborly for all greeting card needs!

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New Spin on the Apparel Game

I feel like every other post on Instagram these days in another new apparel line. But my friend and co-worker Korry Richards is combining the monthly subscription fad and unique and creative apparel to change the game. Defined by Three brings out three new apparel pieces a month, encompassing a new theme.I highly encourage you to check out Defined By Three and coup your one-of-a-kind apparel today.

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