Journey to Living Positively Mentally Healthy

My Story

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I am a daughter, sister, friend, proud UVA alumnus, world-travel, fierce #BlackGirlMagic believer, but one of the biggest aspects of who I am is an African American female diagnosed with clincial depression and multiple suicide attempt survivor.

Why this all this important…this has and continues to shape who I am to myself and to others.

After my 2nd suicide attempt and hospitalization as crazy as it sounds… I decided I wanted to live. And to do that I knew I couldn’t continue to “just make it” or “get through” life, I would have to work, and work hard at living happily and fully.

The key I learned was focusing on living a positively mentally healthy life is all aspects from work, play, relationships, to even my home.

I work everyday to continue to challenge myself to live positively mentally healthy, and I challenge you to join me on this journey to help ensure you too are leading your fullest and happiest life.


  • Positive Psychology Buff
  • Mental Health Advocate
  • Minority and Women’s Mental Health Expert

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