Journey to Living Positively Mentally Healthy

2017 Week 6 Challenge

This past weekend not only did my hometown Atlanta Falcons suffer a devastating loss in the Super Bowl, but I also moved out of my fabulous apartment of 2 years. To say I was and am saddened is an understatement. But I moved out for one large reason; to get my finances in order. Possibly TMI, but my rent increase significantly over the past year due to huge gentrification in Atlanta, and while I absolutely loved everything about my apartment, I was living well beyond my means and my finances were greatly suffering. So I made the big girl decision to forego my apartment and move in with my mother for a few months to get my personal finances back in order.

But as I sat down to unwind over the last few days since my move, I am still feverishly stressing over finances. Sulking at the reality that although I moved out of my apartment to save money, bills are still due for a million other things given the beginning of the month.

So although I made a huge leap toward a personal goal of mine to be financially stable and save to travel as I please and potentially purchase my first house, I was mad at myself and the universe that this big leap and sacrifice didn’t show immediate dividends.

As my boyfriend pointed out, “it’s a process”.

And although I never want to admit when he’s right, he is. I need to trust the process. I need to not be so hard on myself, I took a big leap and it will take time to see the results. (Maybe this is why I always give up a diet 2 weeks in when I do not see minimum 10lb lose).

But along with my big girl decision to make some financial sacrifices, I also am going to be a big girl and not be too hard on myself and not get down when I do not see immediate; trusting the process.

Challenge: In what ways have you also been rushing to see results when in fact you need to trust the process?

Take 5-10 minutes to reflect on any areas of your life that you need to trust the process and speak the following affirmation to yourself:

“I will not be too hard on myself, and will trust the process”.

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